Livingston is approximately 10 square miles located in West Central Alabama between Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Meridian, Mississippi on interstate 20/59

U.S. Highway 11, and Alabama Highway 28 feeds travelers to and through Livingston.

Downtown Livingston is nestled at the intersection of the Sucharnochee River and the Norfolk Southern Railroad.  

Livingston is 152 feet above sea level. With mild winter and moderate summers, Livingston’s mean average temperature is 64.5 degrees. Annual rainfall is 55 inches and approximately 235 day growing season.

The University of West Alabama is located just one block from downtown Livingston and offers numerous educational opportunities, exciting collegiate sports, arts and cultural events.  

According to the 2010 Census the population was 3,485 people.  With an additional few thousand University students and commuters.  

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